To Mawr Community People


Subject: To Mawr Community People
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 06:40:27 EST

As you see there is a huge amount of highe reducationl interest worldwide in our work at AIAS again in the past two weeks, even over the CHristmas holidays. I have kept “Green Party Wales” (so called) fully informed of all the POSITIVE interest. I wonder if they will now admit that they quoted two manic harassers and one prejudiced employee (‘t Hooft) against whom a formal complaint as filed yesterday with his boss teh Dean at Utrecht. I wonder if the Dean has known what ‘t Hooft has been getting up to. If no quotes of the huge amount of positive supprot for ECE theory are forthcoming from Green Party’s Ales, we will all know exactly where they come from – distilled bile. Green Party Wales mysteriously failed to quote the enormous interest in ECE theory which is clearly available on the home page of Lying by omission is their trademark and they are the Beaufort boot boys.

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