Energy Efficiency


Subject: Energy Efficiency
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 03:19:03 EST

I fully agree! There is no way in which one is going to heat and light industry and cities in Wales (for example) without coal. The coal industry was destroyed politically by Mrs Thatcher, and with it whole communities. She is now entirely discredited, even by the Tories. A new coal industry would have advanced scrubbing methods to minimize emission, and great efforts would be made to ensure safety, miners would be heavily protected against dust and highly paid. The aim would be to make Wales self sufficient in energy first, then export if possible. Hopefully, Space Energy would phase out coal quite quickly, but wind turbines are a joke.

There are a whole lot of things that can be done to housing to improve energy efficiency. Spending money here at least would give immediate benefits to the public, and help their purse strings at the same time. Better than money on wind turbines.


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Subject: Key Strategic Aim

This is to try to persuade the Labour Party now in Government to drop subsidies for wind turbines, and to persuade Swansea County Council and the Welsh Assembly to deny planning permission for any new wind turbines in Wales. They must start to formulate an energy policy based on advanced coal mining techniques and Space Energy. They must be persuaded of the reality of “Space Energy” – it is already here and needs to be supported by Government. I advise this at every opportunity in my capacity as Civil List Scientist and British citizen, and advise the same to Congress and the President as a U..S. citizen. There is no other scientist on the Civil List, so my views should carry weight with the Assembly and Council, and also in Westminster. My views should carry the same weight as those of Dalton, Faraday or Joule. This is the democratic opinion of Parliament (Act appointing me in 2005). I have declared my interest as major shareholder in the proposed new company, so there is no hidden conflict of interest as in the case of the Green Party. This aim should be discussed at the Castle ( in January. I give my advice earnestly to the Assembly, as I am perfectly entitled to do, and my Civil List Pension is 1,400 pounds a year.

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