Good Advice from John Heidenreich


Subject: Good Advice from John Heidenreich
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 03:05:55 EST

Myron, all the very best on this endeavour.

The young ones need to know the history which has produced them, so that they can advance into the future having some idea what their heritage cost their forefathers.

This might make them better people.

Kind regards john

PS: I have been making the best of talking to my father (80) and mother (70’s) whilst I still have them. They have such experience to share.


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Subject: Photograph of my Grandfather, Thomas Elim Havard-Jones

My grandfather, Thomas Elim Havard-Jones, was the Head Deacon of Elim Baptist Chapel, Craigcefnparc. He is top row on the right in this (upper) photograph of the Deacons in 1939. A man of great sensitivity and intelligence, he was made to be a coal hewer from about the age of 12, as in the previous photograph. He composed four part harmony, played several instruments, and was the Choir Leader and organist, and Brass Band Leader. After research I know that he is probably descended through his mother from Sir Walter Havard (or Havre de Grace) of the Manor of Pontgwilym near Brecon, an eleventh century Norman Knight. The Chapel was of course Welsh speaking. My grandfather was Head Deacon (Prif Ddiacon) to Rev. T. R. Lewis, who officated at the funeral of David Lloyd-George, Earl of Dwyfor, in Criccieth in 1945. I feel that great efforts should be made to conserve and protect all the MAwr Chapels, including the Baptist Chapels: Salem (1777), Gerazim (1801) and Elim (about 1890). Similarly the Independent Chapesl and others. The Unitarian Gellionen Chapel is already listed but a huge pipeline has been driven straight past it, regardless of protest, culture and tradition.

This is very good advice, one begins to appreciate people, landscape, chapels, language and culture only when they are gone. However, I think that there is a bright future for the younger generation, and I am an optimist by nature. We should conserve and at the same time forge ahead.

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