Key Difference between ECE and MH


Subject: Key Difference between ECE and MH
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:30:14 EST

To ECE : The key difference between ECE and MH is the spin connection, which is the entity that makes spacetime spin. In MH (Maxwell Heaviside) there is no spin connection, so no possibility of spin connection resonance. Huge resonance effects such as you observe, and such as observed by the Mexican group, come from the resonant property of the spin connection (Bernoulli / Euler). Magnetic motors also work from the spin connection, which introduces a balance into spacetime (paper 74). So I will work these concepts into paper 75 specifically to explain why your effect is 31 orders of magnitude greater than in MH. The key effects are Cartan torsion and spin connection. For a very good introduction to ECE see the book by Lar Felker on, the paper by Horst Eckardt and Lar Felker on, and the Munich Workshop slides (also on Papers 1 – 75 on are the technical papers.

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