Many thanks to Stephen Crothers


Subject: Many thanks to Stephen Crothers
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 03:43:15 EST

I am most grateful to Stephen Crothers in Australia for taking the time and trouble to gather such damning evidence against Rowlands. I think that Rowlands alias Shrewsbury alias horsehair should come under criminal investigation. Lord Beaufort is acting in a disgraceful manner and if he is not careful the criminal investigation would be extended to him. He is not above the law, no one is above the law. The first line of defence should now be manned, if and when the formal application is made, literally thousands of formal objections should be forwarded to Swansea County Council. The danger is public apathy. In criminal matters I advise that the Local County Councillor, Ioan Richards, should complain strongly to the police about Rowlands on several counts. It is well known that Swansea County Councillors have been heavily lobbied by the developers, and the County Councillor for Mawr (the next Mayor of Swansea) is vehemently opposed to the development. He asked my advice about it as long as eight ten years ago, and I have been campaining against wind power and nuclear power for many years. Introducing nuclear power into Britain would be a major disaster. We only need one more Chernobyl and it is known that the early nuclear power stations such as Dounreay leaked radioactive waste, resulting in many deaths by cancer. The media busted open the cover up. In a Welsh Republic closely allied to the Republic of the USA, no nuclear power would be allowed, as in the USA following Four Mile Island. Heavy nuclear weapons through are a real necssity and NATO should ally itself with Russia against terrrorism. Terrorists do not obey the rules of himan conduct, forcing the democracies to defend themsleves. Peace is kept by great strength in defence. Thanks again to Stephen Crothers!

Dear Professor Evans,

The plot continues to thicken concerning Shrewsbury et al.

In the Swansea Post newspaper, on 21-8-04, Shrewsbury had a letter to the newspaper published, wherein he claimed:

“Wind turbine surveys have found bird strikes are, in general, around one per turbine per year when they are not moving”

This is a rather disingenuous remark – what has it got to do with the price of fish? Transmission poles don’t generally move either, and neither do buildings or railway sleepers and many other man-made and natural objects.

On 25-8-04 Shrewsbury posted to one of his websites the following remark:

“within three months of a Labour victory at a general election I predict a mass building of nuclear power stations will take place”.

Evidently nuclear power stations can, according to Shrewsbury, be planned and under construction at the drop of a hat, and concomitantly en-mass. This claim is obviously nonsense, and a classical example of scare mongering, evidently to favour wind turbines to satisfy Beaufort’s cupidity.

On 2-1-05, live on Swansea Sound Radio, Shrewsbury implicated global warming and a rise in sea level in the Asian Tsunami. However, the Asian Tsunami was, as far as I am aware, due to a major marine seismic event.

On 26-9-04, once again live on Swansea Sound Radio, Shrewsbury claimed that Germany was then getting 20% of its power from solar energy, but the true figure appears to have been something less than 0.05%.

On 28-8-04 Professor David Bellamy lead over a thousand people (mostly locals) in a protest march up Mynydd y Gwair to protest Beaufort’s proposed wind turbines. In the days before the march Shrewsbury publicly stated that he would be there to lead a counter demonstration, in support of Beaufort and his turbines, and that he (i.e. Shrewsbury) would address the crowd. He did not turn up, and instead sent along two young women, one Jan Cliff, and his Deputy Leader of the Wales Green Party, one Miranda La Vey. There was an argument and altercation at the march wherein South Wales Police Officer, Helen Somewrfield, formally cautioned Cliff for hitting over the head with a wooden implement (a stick of sorts) a woman (a Canadian pensioner), who was protesting against the wind turbines.

One Rhodri Griffiths is evidently also a supporter of Beaufort and works closely with Shrewsbury in Beaufort’s interests.

After the last round of elections, Shrewsbury apparently abandoned his mobile “office”, a caravan, and Police had to tow it away as it compromised road safety, at the expense of the taxpayer, of course.

Shrewsbury again sullied his claims to be a professional when, a few years ago, he moved his “clinic”, leaving behind at his former premises many client (he would say patient) files for all and sundry to read; and they apparently were.

I again suggest that these matters be locally verified for accuracy. Local inquiries should be easy to conduct, having the foregoing specific leads to follow up.

Yours faithfully, Stephen J. Crothers.

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