STAIF 2007


Subject: STAIF 2007
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 04:38:02 EST

OK we are in agreement.Many thanks! I will give a detailed reply shortly as a finished paper. The basic answer is the Cratan torsion, which is zero in the Einstein Hilbert theory. I was asked to contribute to STAIF 2004 on counter gravitation, but was delayed. The units are a very minor point and they turn out to be the same. Just to be precise, this happens as follows. I am used to the following as a chemist. The units of B (magnetic flux density) are (Peter Atkins, “Molecular Quantum Mechanics, OUP, 1983):

B = tesla = weber / m squared = J s / C / m squared

(J = joules, s = seconds, C = coulombs, m = metres).

Energy = – m dot B = J (joules) = kgm m squared / s squared

So the units of magnetic dipole moment are:

m = C m squared / s

The units of angular momentum are J s, the same as the units of action. So the gyromagnetic equation of ESR or NMR is:

m = – (e / (2m) J = (C / kgm) kgm m squared s / s squared

= C m squared / s

This checks and is right.

If you have

B = (m / e) omega

then if B is meant to be magnetic flux density and omega is meant to be angular velocity (radians per second) then the right hand side is:

kgm radians / s / C

= J s / m squared / C = kgm m squared s / (m squared s squared C)

So we have:

B = (-e / (2m) J = – (2m / e) omega


J = angular momentum (J s) and omega is angular velocity (radians per second).

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