To Cymuned Mawr


Subject: To Cymuned Mawr
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:43:46 EST

I Gymuned Mawr:

The following tactical combination will defeat Beaufort if implemented:

1) A compulsory purchase order from Swansea County Council on the grounds of its own by-laws, which are publicly posted for inspection and are drawn up specifically to protect the environmert. 2) Input of funds from Gren Thomas and others to help the Council buy the land if it has insufficent funds of its own. However the Council can put a penny on the rates to buy the land outright on its own, and set it up as an area of outstanding natural beauty and an area of outstanding heritage. This would attract a great deal of tourist income for example, and gain great praise for the Council internationally. I urge the next Mayor of Swansea, Ioan Richards, County Councillor for Mawr, to put this into action immediately. 3) Approval of 1) and 2) by the Welsh Assembly. However I do not think that the Council needs the approval of anyone, it may act on the basis of its own by-laws and on the basis of the centuries old rights of the graziers. The latter have voted UNANIMOUSLY against the development. In a meeting in Felindre, Beaufort’s agent was sent away with a flea in his ear. This indicares the extent of local fury against the deliberate destruction of their way of life – all for no scientific purporse whatsoever adn all for the unadulterated greed of one individual.

The compulsory purchase will oblige Lord Beaufort to sell the land, which he never visits, and never look after, and the funds will buy it.

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