A US Thesis on the Celtic Nationalist Movements


Subject: Fwd: A US Thesis on the Celtic Nationalist Movements
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 01:31:49 EDT

Many thanks again.

I have posted this.

On 6/30/07, EMyrone] at [aol.com wrote: > > > This is a Thesis for the Welsh Affairs Section of http://www.aias.us by the late > Phylllis Timmons of New York City on the Nationalist movements in the Celtic > Countries in the twentieth century, in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall > and Brittany. As a lifelong Republican and Bevanite Socialist, loyal to the > ideals of the original Labour Manifesto, I am very pleased that Plaid Cymru > now has a share in Government in the Welsh Free State. One must not ever > forget the heroic efforts of people like Dic Penderyn and Ffred Ffrancis. > The former was wrongfully executed on what are knwon now to be false charges > during the Merthyr Riots, and should receive a posthumous token of > remembrance to this effect from the Assembly. Ffred Ffrancis was a Welsh > language activist who was repeatedly imprisoned for refusal to pay income > tax, and denied the use of his Welsh Language Bible in prison. Many of these > terrible wrongs must be remembered in perpetuity and the memory of these > patriots respected. I myself have been denied employment by the English > controlled University of Wales for over a quarter century, so these blatant > injustices continue in a covert manner, not only in my case but in that of > many other fine scholars from Wales. Blatant injustices must be recognized > and righted. The last words of Dic Penderyn were, as we all know from > school: “Arglwydd, Arglwydd dyma gamwedd”: “Lord Lord, this is an > injustice”. It remains an injustice until righted. > > Civil List Scientist > > cc Assembly and IWA >

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