“Cywydd i Ifor Hael”, Dafydd ap Gwilym (circa 1320 to circa 1380)


Subject: “Cywydd i Ifor Hael”, Dafydd ap Gwilym (circa 1320 to circa 1380)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 12:36:34 EDT

This is part of a cywydd in praise of Ifor Hael (Ifor the Generous) which is a symbol and expression of optimism for the future of Wales. It is by the court poet Dafydd ap Gwilym from the well known book by Sir Thomas Parry, whom I met as a freshman at Aberystwyth just before he retired and Sir Goronwy Daniel took over as Principal.

Cywydd i Ifor Hael

Ifor, aur a faerwriaeth Deg yw’r fau, diagr a faeth; Myfi yw, fraethlyw ffrwythlawn, Maer dy dda, mawr yw dy ddawn.

Ys dewr, ystyrio ydwyd, Ysto^r ym, ys da w^r wyd. Telais yt wawd tafawd hoyw, Telaist ym fragod duloyw. Rhoist ym swllt, rhym ystum serch, Roddaist yt brifenw Rhydderch.

I can scan it roughly as follows, losing all the art of the original, retaining only the meaning.

Cywydd for Ifor the Generous

Ifor, golden in leadership, Fine to me, finery and nourishment, I am, generous and fruitful man, Your herdsman, great is your skill.

You are brave and considerate, A store for me, you are good. I recite to you with silver tongue You give me black bright mead (bragget). A shilling you give me, strength and care, I give you Rhydderch’s great name.

This was the era of the court poet, and the original is a poem of great mastery.

cc Assembly and IWA

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