Europe to


Subject: 16-29June07: Europe to
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 04:16:07 EDT

This is selected higher ed and related intrest in ECE theory from Europe in the last two weeks.

BTC Net Bulgaria, ETH Zurich, Centrum Chechia, Comtes Czechia, Charles Univ. Prague, FZU Czechai, German Synchrotron Facility (DESY), German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Einsundeins, Leitstern, MWN, STW Bonn (students), TU Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Rostock, CSIC Spain, Polytech Univ Valencia, Univ. Santiago de Compostelo, French High Energy and Particle Lab (in2p3), Supelec France, Univ Poitiers, OTE Net Greece, PMFST Croatia, Siminn Iceland, INFN Florence, Univ Pisa, Univ Udine, Digitalus Netherlands, Univ Groningen, TAUW Civil and Technical Engineers Consortium of the Netherlands, U Utrecht, UIO Norway, European Union, Warsaw, NHO Portugal, State Marine Technical University St Petersburgh Russia, Aberystwyth, Bradford*, BSFC, EPSRC of the British Govt., The Lancashire Grid for Learning Website, Queen Mary College, Southampton, Welsh Assembly (many visits), Ceredigion County Council, Welsh Office.

European Universities and similar are now on their summer break.

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