paper 87, note 87(6)


Subject: Fwd: paper 87, note 87(6)
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 07:08:27 EDT

Agreed with this – it might be possible to numerically determine the functional dependence of r on r(vac), so there is only one variable:

r (vac) = function of r,

r + r(vac) = r + function of r

then the transformation to R can be made from r. On the experimental side it might be a good idea to base a modern circuit on the Tesla design, using the theory to help guide the design. It is clear that literally tens of thousands of corporation have looked at our papers 63 and 85 – off _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . So I am hoping for a cooperative international effort from the corporations, at least in the initial stages, then each can do its own patents for its own special manufacturing purposes. This sems a better strategy than reliance on one inventor or a small group of inventors.

There is no hurry with this or any paper, we should take the time to do a good job adn teh AIAS and myself are always most grateful for your interest and voluntary work in your own spare time. It should be up to Governments really to fund really innovative work because that is what they always say they are doing.

I think the numerical section of paper 87 will contain two parts: discussion of analytical solutions for eq. (7) of note 2 and numerical solutions for the resonance equation (20) of note 6. Meanwhile I realized that I had made a sign mistake in the interpretation of the eq. (7), I fully agree to your additional comments you made in the email. In notes 5 and 6 you made the coordinate transformations

kappa1 (r + r(vac)) –> exp(i kappa1 R1) and kappa1 (r + r(vac)) –> exp(i kappa1 R1+ R(vac))

In the second case it is unclear for me how R(vac) should be determined. It would be more plausible for me to use the first transformation. I will look how to incorporate this into the code I programmed for paper 63. Because one has to make the inverse transformation to insert the function phi into the SE, this may take some time.


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