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Book by Laurence Felker of Nevada, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field…

June 30, 2007

Subject: Book by Laurence Felker of Nevada, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 03:08:36 EDT

To Laurence:

I am very glad that you have the proofs of this book, which has generated over a million hits on _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . It has now been removed from both sites prior to publication by Abramis in softback. I think I can state objectively from the feedback activity that it is an excellent educational book in all respects, and it has already captured the imagination of the physics, chemistry and engineering professions, as well as industry, government, organizations and individuals. I am sure it will be excellently produced as usual by Abramis Academic of Suffolk, which is rapidly makinga name for itself as a respected sceince publisher that allows the author to keep copyright, a new development in publishing, and also offers premium royalty to the author. Sadly, John Hart is no longer with us, but a token of rememberance should be given to him in the book along the lines of Kerry Pendergast’s article on _www.aias.us_ ( . There is a table of advantages of ECE theory over the standard model which appears on the website and you are welcome to use any material from the website in the book. You have a real talent for making ECE understandable as can be seen without any shadow of doubt form the feedback. Kerry Pendergast has written a lot of good material also and you may like to consult with him (_kp.phys] at [btinternet.com_ (mailto:kp.phys] at [ ). Horst Eckardt has also produced some very popular articles on new energy and spiral galaxies for example. Your article with Horst is also very popular, and could also be incorporated. Finally Horst mentioned recently the need for more flowcharts to update the achievements of the past two years or more. I wish to express the thanks of AIAS and myself for your enlightening and important educational work.


Prof. Myron W. Evans British Civil List Scientist

* Hello, I have the pdf from arima and am making a few corrections and doing the index.

1. Do you want me to add something about atomicprecision’s site?

2. Also, I intend to delete the “The Father of the House…..” statement here unless you tell me not to. Is the definition OK?

3. Are there any new insights that you wish to make sure are covered, maybe in last chapter’s closing?

Thanks, Lar


Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies. This is a physics discussion group with Professor

Myron W. Evans serving as director. The Father of the House is Professor John B. Hart of Xavier

University in Cincinnati.

Moratorium on Wind Turbines in Wales

June 29, 2007

Subject: Moratorium on Wind Turbines in Wales
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 01:58:55 EDT

The new Government of the Welsh Free State is made up of a Labour and Plaid Cymru Coalition. I am reliably informed that there is to be constructed a new energy centre in South Wales which will export energy to the rest of Europe. As a Welsh Republican Nationalist and US dual citizen I am in favour of this economy and energy based on coal, provided that the emissions are scrubbed and that dust dangers are adequately dealt with. The profits from export must be shared among the People of Wales. They must no longer be used as slaves for the industry of foreign nations as was doen in the past, when one one unscrupulous mine owenr could cause endless suffering to make personal profit. There is no real evidence to correlate carbon dioxide with global warming, and indeed no real evidence for global warming. The primary mineral resource of Wales is coal and the use of the sea to produce tidal power and hydrogen, with many other sources fo REAL energy, not playing with the wind. I understand that senior Members of the Assembly are putting pressure on the Planning Appeals Inspectorate to approve new sources of energy that may or may not include wind turbines. This, if it is occurring, is improper, the Inspectorate must be independent. The recent Bettws decision is blatantly undemocratic and may be the result of this pressure, and so must be tested in the Courts, notably by Swansea Councils and Port Talbot Council taking out injunctions against Carmarthen Council. The Assembly’s own CADW objected to CCC so the CCC decision must be reversed by teh Assembly, of which CADW is a part. I understand that Plaid Cymru will press for a moratorium on the issue of wind turbines. In my opinion, and in that of almost all impartial and honest scientists, (_www.socme.org_ ( Darmstadt Accord of over one hundred seniro scientists of many disciplines) these are useless to generate power, and are NOT renewable because of their carbon footprint. So they should be scrapped, as teh electorate so clearly wishes, and removed from the landscape. As a Republican I press for full indepdence for Wales, removal of all feudal rights, strict restriction on foreign and absentee land ownership, the establishment of Gaeltacht type areas for the language, strict restriction on immigration that harms the language, the adoption of the Welsh language as the first official language, a new Welsh language University, and in general much more support for the language and culture. As a Bevanite Socialist I favour the implementation of the original Labour Manifesto. Lastly I favour a complete review of the workings of the University of Wales to make all staff of the UW rigorously bilingual, and the transfer of all research funding such as EPSRC and PPARC to the Assembly.

Civil List Scientist

cc Assembly and IWA

Temp Data.

June 29, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Temp Data.
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 01:18:23 EDT

You can find the temperature data I referred to by googling “Phil Jones Global temperature Record.” Norman.

Many thanks for this information. This is a classical case of an out-dated policy and media drivem hysteria.

Comments on Note 87(6)

June 29, 2007

Subject: Comments on Note 87(6)
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 04:38:56 EDT

If all are agreed, note 87(6) can be used as the basis of paper 87, which I can begin writing up here. I suggest I write the first two sections, Horst the numerical section similar to paper 63, and Gareth a discussion on the most easily ionized solids. This scheme has well defined approximations, but is practical and of use to engineers. Several new concepts had to be forged but I think that we are ready now for the computer. We should stick closely to paper 63, which has obviously caught the imagination of the profession, as has paper 85. Daniel’s notes are also doing very well. Recall that we had to:

1) Simplify QED, and expose its flaws, debunk its false claims to precision, expose severe internal inconsistencies in the standards laboratories such as NIST. 2) Find a new and practical method for the Lamb shift. 3) Realize that the radiative correction can be amplified by spin connection resonance. 4) Work in the teeth of systemtaic malice and attempted suppression from the standard model elite, which has been entirely negative and totally unhelpful. 5) Above all, we had to develop a unified field theory and we had to realize the existence of the spin connection in electrodynamics. 6) Deal with some less than helpful inventors, other inventors have been much more pleasant and helpful.

So I think we have done a great job.

AIAS Director.

Many thanks to Sean MacLachlan of

June 29, 2007

Subject: Many thanks to Sean MacLachlan of
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 02:53:29 EDT

The _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( site is owned and run by Sean MacLachlan, of Boise, Idaho and contains a lot of interesting material that complements _www.aias.us_ ( . The general industrial strategy of both sites is to make new scientific ideas and research work by AIAS freely available in the form of scientific papers and much related material. My Omnia Opera (Latin for “all works”) is being built up on _www.aias.us_ ( , and is a unique collection of over seven hundred and fifty papers and books. The average output of an academic is about thirty papers per career. It is known that literally tens of thousands of corporations worldwide study these sites, many study them daily. We know this in great detail through feedback activity software that I have been monitoring daily for more than three years. We have recently forged a clear understanding of how electric power may be obtained and amplified from the ubiquitous electric and magnetic fields that surround us in space-time. So there is obviously intense industrial interest because circuits based on these principles can be incorporated ion every device known to humankind, both to save and generate power. This source of power is clean and ubiquitous (ever present), and has no carbon footprint like wind turbines. (The energy needed to make and run a turbine exceeds the energy that it produces if everything is properly factored in to the engineering.) This ubiquitous source of power is actually well known to scientists, and was discovered by the Nobel Laureate Willis Lamb in about 1946 in Columbia University, and explained by the Nobel Laureate Hans Albrecht Bethe (Phys. Rev. 1947) at Cornell University (where I worked for quite a long time). It is known “the radiative correction”. In consequence there is great interest in our papers 63 and 85 (and related papers) on _www.aias.us_ ( and _www.atomicprecision.com_ ( . which develop this source of energy.

Civil List Scientist cc Assembly and IWA

UK Govt. Met Office Data, cooling from…

June 28, 2007

Subject: For Climate Section : UK Govt. Met Office Data, cooling from 1998
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 02:10:43 EDT

Many thanks to Dr. Norman Page from Houston, Texas for these data, which show that mean surface temperature across land and water has FALLEN by 0.126 degrees centigarde from 1998 to present, while the carbon dioxide level has RISEN by 4%. So as described by Dr Page there is considerable scientific doubt about the ASSUMED link between carbon dioxide and global warming. This undermines the whole strategy of wind turbine construction. These data (plural of the Latin “datum”) were obtained by the British Government’s Meteorological Office Hadley Research Centre and the Climatic Research Unit. So the Labour and Plaid Cymru policy on defacing and useless wind turbines should be reversed, and a policy of coal fired power stations implemented. The land in Wales should be put under the control of the Assembly, (the servant of the People of Wales), since Wales is now effectively a Free State. There should be restrictions on foreign and absentee ownership and on immigration that is so obviously harmful to the language and culture. Dr Norman Page sent the last twenty five years of his career as an independent consultant, graduated from Oxford in geology and took a doctorate. He was offered a position at Brown University, Rhode Island (founded by the liberal nonconformist Roger Williams), and an Ivy League University.

Civil List Scientist

cc Assembly and IWA

Myron here is a short piece for the Climate Section.I am much more impressed by data than by scary projections based on models with many questionable assumptions. Regards Norman

Attachment: GlobStopAIAS.doc

For Climate Change Section

June 28, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Source Documents 21 : For Climate Change Section
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 01:46:05 EDT

I have posted this under the Wind farm section under Wales and Welsh affairs. I have also placed a prominent link in the Climate change section to the Wind farm section. In a few weeks I might have to merge the sections or shuffle some documents between them.

On 6/20/07, EMyrone] at [ wrote: > > > This document proves my opposition to wind turbines over more than a decade. > It shows that they were firecely opposed more than a decade ago, and are > being forced on the electorate in a wholly undemocratic manner. This deals > with the useless Talybont development which Etherington condemns so strongly > in the attached reports which can be put on the new cliamte change section > of The impression given from the Assembly in Cardiff is utterly > passive acceptance of wholesale destruction, so the people have to take > things into their own hands by non-cooperation, organized labour resistance, > protests and lawsuits. I have also been advocating this for about five > years, because the politicians are not helping. I cannot be accused of no > guts no glory, abide in apathy. > > British Civil List Scientist > > >

Many thanks once more, County Councillor Ioan Richards of Swansea has also been actively opposing wind turbines for over a decade. Dr. Etherington shows that the whole Tal y Bont wind turbine complex produces the equivalent energy consumed of one Boeing 747 in one trans Atlantic flight, so the whole thing is a complete utter farce scientifically. Again at Tal y Bont the process was heavily opposed, and opposition illegally steam rollered. A series of ultra modern coal power stations in Wales (with rigorous adherence to the Kyoto Convention) would produce energy for the whole of Wales AND energy for export, coal for export and a variety of chemical products for domestic consumption in Wales and for export. That is a REAL economy, not “A Welshman for Every Tourist” (R. S. Thomas). If land were nationalized in Wales, the Assembly would have complete control over its own mineral resources, which are very considerable.

Civil List Scientist

cc Assembly and IWA

Strong Objections to Carmarthen County Cuncil Betrayal of Trust

June 28, 2007

Subject: Fwd: Strong Objections to Carmarthen County Cuncil Betrayal of Trust
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 01:34:41 EDT

Many thanks indeed! All relevant Councils except CCC are solidly against this project and so this is a wholly undemocratic process. In the US this decision would immediately be contested in Court up to the Supreme Court. Charles Evans-Hughes for example was Governor of New York State and Chief Justice of the Surpereme Court. Not for one minute would he have tolerated this procedure at CCC. In the US the People is Supreme Authority by Constitution, the President and Congress are servants of the People, the Supreme Court tests the laws made by Congress.

cc Assembly and IWA

I have posted this under Wind farm section under Welsh affairs.

On 6/27/07, EMyrone] at [ wrote: > > > I would be most grateful if the attached document and these comments could > be posted in the Welsh Affairs section of Sometimes, messages > with attachments get on to the blog, sometimes not. I think that there are > grounds here for several injunctions against CCC and it is obvious that the > Welsh Assembly should over-rule this travesty of justice. Informed > scientific opinion seems to have been ignored completely, and the whoel > process controlled by a small group of profiteers. I make the following > points both as the Civil List Scientist and as a local affected by this > devastation of a beautiful landscape. Several injunctions should be taken > out by the numerous opposing groups and individuals. They will not cost much > if legal insurance is used. I anticipated such a betrayal years ago, and > this is the proposed second line of defence. Disruption of the wind turbines > by organized labour should be implemented throughout Wales in my opinon, and > the politicians responsible severely condemned by the People, of which they > are representatives, not masters. > > 1) The scientific objections of nineteen groups and organizations were steam > rollered aside. The over-ruled organizations included the City and County of > Swansea, so CCC has insulted its neighbouring Councils as well as the People > of Wales. CCC has no legal right to do this and should be sued up to the > House of Lords in many delaying injunctions. Its betraying Councillors > should be voted out of office. A test case in Court may result in an order > to remove all turbines from Wales. Plaid Cymru and Labour have been severely > misled by profiteers and in view of the opinion of the People, should > reverse policy on wind turbines throughout Wales. > > 2) The Commoners of Mynydd y Gwair were deliberately misrepresented and > betrayed, and are entitled to sue CCC for major damages. > > 3) The Bettws Commoners Assication are the local profiteers who wish to > inflict major damage on the landscape. They can be sued for damages in Court > by all the other organizations opposed to them. > > 4) The Head of Planning at CCC should be sued personally for > misrepresentation. He is the person primarily responsible for this insult to > the People. His resignation is called for. > > 5) The Planning Committee Meeting is null and void because it allowed > inapporpriate lobbying by the profiteers. The Planning Committe can be sued > by other injunctions adn the People is entitled to fight back against this > attempted bureaucratic despotism. > > 6) All international and senior scientific advice was ignored, the chief > advisor on energy to the Welsh Assembly does not have the right to > arbitrarily over-rule the unanimous opinion of scientists on Wind Turbines > within and outside Wales. The Assembly is to be very severely criticised and > lobbied continuosly by the electorate to make it responsible for Wales, not > for itself. > > > British and Commonwealth Civil List Scientist. > > > 3) >

Message for Mawr Community

June 28, 2007

Subject: Message for Mawr Community
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:38:32 EDT

There is a great deal of interest in _www.aias.us_ ( now from the Assembly, I think that the second line of defence must be implemented for Bettws, especially by the opposing Councils, who could each take out an injunction against CCC for blatant misrepresentation of the objections, and by organized labour, Unions and so on. CCC was also opposed by CADW, part of the Government ITSELF. The first line of defence for Mynydd y Gwair is solid, all the County Councils are against the development and must not be over-ruled by the Assembly, otherwise the latter will face an effective vote of no confidence. I feel that this is developing into an issue of confidence in the Assembly, and is a grass roots revolt in more than one sense. I have been defending you against wind turbines for ten years or more – entirely voluntary work by AIAS and myself. You are entitled to lobby the Assembly and to make your opinions clearly and strongly known. The CCC decision should be tested in Court and thrown out, it seems to me to be an outrageous travesty of democracy adn law. When the People are so bitterly angered, their representatives must listen and change their policies. The People, not the Policy, is Supreme Authority in all matters. The Bettws development is an infringement of the commonland by-laws of Mynydd y Gwair and Bettws, and this could well be a criminal offence by CCC. Your opposition was completely covered up and distorted. Swansea City Council and County Council, and Neath Port Talbot Council, are all on your side, togetehr with an impressive array of Community and Town Councils and many groups. The CCC decision is a complete betrayal of democracy. All scientific opinion was ignored. So CCC is in the stone age.

Civil List Scientist,

cc Assembly and IWA

Work Function and Lattice Energy

June 28, 2007

Subject: Fwd: [AIAS] Fwd: Work Function and Lattice Energy
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 10:59:35 EDT

Thanks Myron, will do my best to contribute. The work function is of course lower than the ionisation energy. So for Caesium, for example, the ionisation energy (from a quick search) is 3.9eV

Cs(g) —> Cs+(g) +e- 3.9eV

whereas the work function is only 1.9eV

Best, Gareth

–Forwarded Message Attachment– I can invite you to be a co-author of paper 87 with Horst and myself, a paper in which the work function discussion would be developed and included. This is another key step. SCR has now been published un Europe, which is now the power house of theoretical physics (we again see this objectively from feedback activity).

–Forwarded Message Attachment–

Yes Myron, we are getting close to designing a first device based directly on your theory. At the moment I see a device based on a sandwich of materials with the key material to be “excited” (release electrons) at the centre of the sandwich. Best, Gareth

This is a very good discussion. It looks as if we should find the material with the lowest work function in the solid state, and use that in the circuit of paper 63 and improvements which may come out of paper 87 being worked on at present, also using a literature search of circuits by Tesla and other inventors as a guide. Density functional code should be able to produce the work function of solids from quantum mechanics, then the effect of the amplified Lamb shift is computed to see what is the effect on the material with the lowest work function. The Lamb shift is the driving force and resonant amplification of the radaitive correction occurs through the spin connection of unified field theory. This is a useful table and summary from GJE of work functions in some metals. –Forwarded Message Attachment–

No Horst, lattice energy is the energy given off when oppositely charged ions in the gas phase come together to form a solid. The work function is the energy required to extract an electron from a solid – from the highest filled level in the Fermi distribution of a solid. Needless to say, the work function for Cs is also lower than for other metals, (Cs 1.82eV, Na 2.46eV, for example – see table below). Richardson’s equation gives an estimate of the work function:

I = AT 2 exp(−/kT) where I is the thermionic current, T the absolute temperature, k is Boltzmann’s constant and A is a constant having the theoretical value 120 amp cm−2 deg−2. AS you know, may also be estimated photoelectrically for metals. Einstein’s expression for the photoelectric effect is hv = e + E, where E is the kinetic energy of the ejected photoelectron. The photoelectric current J released when light of energy hv falls on the surface of a metal, for which the threshold frequency is given by hv0 = e (for then E = 0), is given by the Fowler equation

J = B(kT2).f{(hv − hv0)/kT} where f is a universal function of (hv − hv0)/kT and B is constant provided that hv is near to hv0. can also be estimated by the contact potential difference (c.p.d.) VAB that exists between the surfaces of two solids A and B of work functions A and B, when connected electrically, since

B − A = eVAB for the two solids at the same temperature. The method involves a prior knowledge of the work function of one of the solids if that of the other is to be measured absolutely. A fourth method involves the field emission of electrons when an external electric field F is applied. Typical errors of the tabulated quantities for the metals are 0.02 eV. Adsorbates or contaminants will usually reduce the measured and different crystal faces of the same material have differing values of . Work functions

Metal Work function φ/eV Metal Work function φ/eV

Photoelectric C.P.D.

Thermionic Photoelectric C.P.D.

Li . . . . . — 2.32

Nb . . . . . 4.30 — 4.37

Na . . . . . 2.36 2.46

Mo . . . . . 4.33 4.49 4.21

K . . . . . 2.30 2.01

Ta . . . . . 4.33 4.30 4.22

Rb . . . . . 2.05 —

W . . . . . 4.55 4.55 4.55

Cs . . . . . 1.95 1.82

Re . . . . . 4.72 — —

Be . . . . . — 3.91

Ti . . . . . 4.10 4.33 4.20

Mg . . . . . — 3.61

Cr . . . . . 4.60 4.44 —

Ca . . . . . 2.87 —

Mn . . . . . — 4.08 —

Ba . . . . . 2.52 2.35

Fe . . . . . — 4.60 4.16

Co . . . . . — 4.97 —

Zn . . . . . 3.63 4.11

Ni . . . . . 5.24 5.15 5.25

Cd . . . . . — 4.22

Zr . . . . . 4.00 — —

Al . . . . . 4.28 4.19

Hf . . . . . 3.65 — —

Ga . . . . . 4.35 —

In . . . . . 4.08 —

Ru . . . . . — 4.71 4.73

Rh . . . . . 4.72 — —

Sn . . . . . 4.28 4.43

Pd . . . . . — 5.40 —

Pb . . . . . 4.25 3.83

Ir . . . . . 4.57 — —

Pt . . . . . 5.36 5.63 —

Cu . . . . . 4.65 4.51

Ag . . . . . 4.26 4.29

Th . . . . . — — 3.71

Au . . . . . 5.10 5.28

U . . . . . 3.47 3.47 3.63

As . . . . . 4.79 —

C (dag) . . . . — — 4.65–5.0

Sb . . . . . 4.56 —

Si . . . . . — 4.95 4.75

Bi . . . . . 4.34 —

Ge . . . . . — 5.15 4.83

Best, Gareth


is the lattice energy you described identical with what is called “work function” by the solid state physicists? Thi is the energy required to pull out an electron from the crystal through the surface. It is amounts to some eV.


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This line of research looks very promising – and the climate section will no doubt begin to attract a lot of interest as the search engines lock into it. I have just got in half a ton of anthracite here from Tower Colliery, the coal man (who is a fluent Welsh speaker like myself) did not even ask me to pay for it, he will just show up one day. I will even have to remind him that I owe him for the coal. This is an echo of the old mining community here, which was close knit and a true native Welsh speaking community due to the constant dangers, dust dangers and accidents. The new coal industry I envisage for Wales would be ultra modern with very strict safety standards and all the latest scrubbing techniques, producing a variety of products. I wonder when the Welsh Assembly is going to get around to the real world of heavy industry.