Myron in America.


Subject: Fwd: Myron in America.
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008 12:29:39 EDT

Dear Myron, Please find below th latest page of Crystal Spheres.   Myron’s New Life in America as IBM Visiting Professor and Project Leader, 1986 to 1988.          During the latter half of his Pilcher Senior Fellowship at Swansea, Myron had taken lodgings back in his native village of Craigcefnparc, in a room of a house built from the old village school at Penclun.  So it was from there that he set out on the journey to Kingston, New York State.  Myron took lodgings in Lake Katrine Apartments between the two main IBM Buildings at Kingston, the former colonial capital of New York, whose modern capital is Albany.  Myron was now a visiting professor in the Clementi environment, which developed the linear combination of array processors (LCAP) with the IBM 3090-6S supercomputer.  Myron’s office was next to a cluster of these multi million dollar machines.  Myron converted the 128 bit single precision CDC 7600 FORTRAN code to IBM double precision, and produced about twenty or so papers during the year of his visiting professorship (see Omnia Opera for 1987 to 1988).  The other visiting professor was Clementi’s Ph.D. supervisor, Clement Roothaan of Roothaan equations fame.  The TETRA code was extended to larger molecules by taking advantage of the unlimited computer time available, with a typical run typically taking days of supercomputer time to complete.  Some code was also animated to produce one of the first computer animations.  During that time IBM produced its PS2 personal computer, and the first internet was developing inside IBM.  Bill Gates beat IBM to the post by developing windows as opposed to IBM’s OSIM, which was the operating language Myron was now using.  The working conditions at IBM were the best Myron had ever encountered, with good air conditioning and heating.           Starting in 1986, Myron experimented with different forms of field applied simulation, a technique he had pioneered at Aberystwyth in about 1980 (see FORTAN code on  Towards the end of his professorship Myron met his first wife Laura and at the end of the year stayed on in New York, living in Port Ewen near the Hudson River and was married there in Feb. 1988.  Myron’s move to America and marriage to Laura had now led to some of the happiest times in his life and the couple now took up residence near Binnewater Lakes, RD4 near Kingston.  Clementi kindly offered Myron work as MOTECC project leader, leading to the 1988 to 1989 papers on the Omnia Opera.  It was while at Binnewater Road that Myron first came across a paper on the inverse Faraday Effect by Georges Wagniere of the University of Zurich.  Myron was now able to communicate internationally because of the then brand new internet, which Laura had kindly set up with a modem and a new PS2.  The US was a formative experience for Myron, which eventually led to Cornell and the B(3) field! Kerry

Many thanks indeed again to Kerry!


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