Fwd: Reminiscences: Vigier and Photon Mass



Subject: Reminiscences: Vigier and Photon Mass
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 13:35:29 EDT

Vigier’s enthusiasm about the B(3) field in 1992 to 1993 was tied in with his lifelong interest in photon mass, directly based Einstein’s thought. The obsolete standard dogma requires the radiated electromagnetic field to be transverse, and uses the obscure Gupta Bleuler method to remove longitudinal and timelike polarizations. This method leads to great obscurity and difficulty in areas such as canonical quantization and teh gaueg theory of the Proca equation. In fact teh latter contradicts teh gauge invariance principle, which was finally abandoned in ECE theory about paper 71 (first paper of GCUFT5 just out). So in “The Enigmatic Photon” series written by myself with Vigier’s encouragement and advice) I reinstated the longitudinal and timeliek poalrization through development of the B(3) file concept. It is now known that Horwitz et al independently inferred a B(3)-liek concept in 1989, as did Barrett, Lehnert et al, and Harmuth et al., but none tied it into the key inverse Faraday effect. Vigier immediately realized the importance of the B(3) field concept, and invited papers on it to Phys. Lett. A. One was refereed positively by a referee whom I recognized as Stanislaw Kielich. However, an assistant of Vigier’s called Peter Holland blocked publication, apparently without Vigier’s knowledge. This was one of many unscholarly happenings during the nineties. Another sign of the efforts of the dogmatists to keep the standard model afloat. Photon mass and B(3) field theory have now been directly incorporated into ECE theory, which gives the Proca equation from the ECE Lemma, based on the tetrad postulate proven in definitive proof 3. All the wave equations of physics have been made equations of general relativity. The Proca equation is the d’Alembert equation with finite photon mass, and was introduced to me by Vigier. The latter persuaded de Broglie to come out against indeterminacy, adn de Broglie is of course the pioneer of wave particle dualism. Photon mass was used by Einstein in his explanation of light bending. ECE uses photon mass and the orbital theorem of paper 111 to correct the now obsolete Einstein equation and the mis-named Schwarzschild metric. Vigier invited me to Princeton to give a lecture on B(3). Prof. Alwyn van der Merwe played a role of great importance in publishing B(3) theory and letting me answer attacks which are now regarded as personal, because at least four groups inferred B(3), I was the one to tie it in with the inverse Faraday effect, showing that it is observable. All the attacks were directed at me, and this I think is the fault of Buckingham and Barron as they tried to defend an obscure symmetry theory rejected by theroetical physicists.


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