Fwd: The Ethics of Communication



Subject: The Ethics of Communication
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 10:05:45 EDT

It is obvious now that “The Western Mail” published a grossly defamatory article about MEU, falsely stating that it is “under investigation” and that we were “touting” for students. This matter cannot be let go without a formal complaint to the relevant Press Regulatory Authority. I will research which authority is the right one and file a formal complaint. We are also entitled to sue the newspaper for damages, but will probably not do this. However, our barristers should investigate this matter. I recall that Michael Foot once sued “The Sunday Times” for libel. he was successful. this incident compound years of prejudice against me within the so called “University of Wales”. There is clearly a reactionary faction inside the University that opposes the Welsh culture and language. This compounds a complete lack of fairness in matters of appointment to tenure and an unwillingness of staff to learn the Welsh language. I hoep that teh Assembly wil lsoon have powers to oblige the University to reform itself.

cc Welsh Assembly


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