Fwd: FOR POSTING: Many thanks to Dave Feustel for GCUFT5 Table of Contents



Subject: FOR POSTING: Many thanks to Dave Feustel for GCUFT5 Table of Contents
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 04:12:46 EDT

Here is a Table of Contents for GCUFT5 kindly supplied by David Feustel, who lives in the Mid West of the United States. The volume has been published and is

M. W. Evans, “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis Academic of Suffolk in Britain, 2009) volume Five.

It is available from Amazon and the Abramis / Arima electronic bookshop, and all good bookshops. It is prepared in softback and is reasonably priced. Abramis is a high quality science and arts publisher which uses modern publishing techniques with a high standard of typesetting. Volumes One to Five are advertized on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and _www.atomicprecision.com_ (http://www.atomicprecision.com) , bookshop sections. These books will shortly be adopted as course books for the new university system teaching ECE theory, and may be ordered for libraries for example, as a set or by individual volumes. They represent the advanced aspects of ECE theory (generally recognized by leading scholars as having replaced the obsolete standard model). For an excellent introduction see the educational articles and books on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and:

Laurence Felker, “The Evans Equatiosn of Unified Field Theory” (Abramis 2007).

Many thanks to all who contributed to volume Five!


Below is the toc I printed to help me navigate GCUFT 5, which I like to read lying down. Columns of my printed copy line up nicely; Ascii spacing messes things up a little. Feel free to use it any way that you wish.

Dave Feustel

Chapter 1 Page 1 Invariance of the Tetrad Postulate as a Fundamental Principle of Unified Field Theory Chapter 2 Page 17 Applications of the ECE Invariance Principle Chapter 3 Page 37 Rebuttal of Remarks by Hehl Chapter 4 Page 41 Spin Connection Resonance in Magnetic Motors Chapter 5 Page 53 Gravitational Equivalent of The Faraday Law of Induction Chapter 6 Page 59 Spiral Galaxies and Cartan Torsion Chapter 7 Page 73 Spun Plasma Model for Cosmological Evolution Chapter 8 Page 89 The Interaction of Three Fields in ECE Theory The IFE Effect Chapter 9 Page 103 Observation of Orbital and Spin Torques in Charged Salt Particles Chapter 10 Page 109 Calculation of the Larmor Radius of the IFE in an Electron Ensemble Chapter 11 Page 121 Description of the Faraday Effect and IFE in Terms of the ECE Spin Field Chapter 12 Page 133 Origin of the Photon Mass and ECE Spin Field in the Spin Connection of Space-Time Chapter 13 Page 143 The Effect of Gravitation on the IFE and FE: Multiple Field Interactions Chapter 14 Page 165 Chemical Shift, Fine and Hyperfine Structure in RFR Spectroscopy Chapter 15 Page 177 The Lamb Shift in Atomic Hydrogen Calculated from ECE Field Theory Chapter 16 Page 205 ECE Theory of the Lamb Shift in Atomic Hydrogen and Helium Chapter 17 Page 221 ECE Applied to Energy from Space-Time: Amplification of the Radiative Correction by Spin Connection Resonance Chapter 18 Page 249 The Bianchi Identity of Differential Geometry Chapter 19 Page 261 A Response to the Papers by Hehl and Hehl and Obukhov A Page 277 Appendix 1: The Standard Cartan Structure Equations and Identities B Page 280 Appendix 2: Proof of the Lorentz Invariance of the B Cyclic Theorem C Page 282 Appendix 3: Nature of the Constant cA(0) D Page 283 Appendix 4: Derivation of the Lorentz Force Equation in ECE Theory E Page 286 Appendix 5: Spinning Space-Time F Page 288 Appendix 6: Criticisms of the Gauge Principle G Page 290 Appendix 7: Refutation of U(1) Gauge Invariance in the IFE H Page 292 Appendix 8: Mathematical Advances Made by ECE Theory I Page 295 Appendix 9: Short Summary of Trivial Errors by Bruhn J Page 297 Appendix 10: Rebuttal of G Bruhn’s Comments on the Lorentz Covariance of The B Cyclic Theorem K Page 301 Appendix 11: Rebuttal of Additional Comments by Hehl Chapter 20 Page 305 Refutation of Comment by Jadczyk Et Alii Chapter 21 Page 313 General Relativity and Cosmology without the Metric Chapter 22 Page 323 Development of Spin Connection Resonance in the Coulomb Law Chapter 23 Page 335 The Coulomb and Ampere Maxwell Laws in the Lorentz Covariance of The B Cyclic Theorem A Page 371 Appendix 1: Hodge Dual Transformations B Page 374 Appendix 2: Equivalence of Indices in the Field Equations C Page 378 Appendix 3: Reduction to Vector Notation D Page 382 Appendix 4: The Meaning of the a Index E Page 384 Appendix 5: Christoffel Symbols and Riemann Elements


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