Fwd: Re Current Economic Mess



Subject: Fwd: Re Current Economic Mess
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 10:36:28 EDT

This is an incredible mismanagement. Unfortunately the ones who suffer the most are the pensioners and the poor. The present situation makes Michael Milken et al. of the eighties look like a paragon of economic virtue. I was at IBM and Cornell then.


The real problem with the U.S. economy is corruption.

For information about this from insiders check out articles by Christopher Story at worldreports.org and almost daily reports by ‘Poof’ and ‘Casper’ at fourwinds10.com.

For more lurid, but probably accurate reports focusing on the Clinton/Obama/Bush corruption, see http://blog.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel.

I don’t worry about it anymore. I just read the reports with great interest.

Dave Feustel


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