Fwd: 128(2): New Equation of the Metric of Any Spacetime of Any Dimension



Subject: 128(2): New Equation of the Metric of Any Spacetime of Any Dimension
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 06:50:24 EDT

This is Eq. (11), which is obtained by using the methods of Cartan geometry specialized with Eq. (2) for use with the metric. This new equation may now be used with computer algebra to test obsolete metrics of the Einstein field equation, such as the so called black hole and big bang metrics. It is already known from the Cartan Evans dual identity that these are obsolete because of their incorrect neglect of torsion – they ere tested in papers 93, 95 and 120 for example with computer algebra. If a metric in general contains diagonal and off-diagonal elements, it must obey equations (18) and (19). This analysis also shows that a generally covariant unified field theory can be developed in any spacetime of any dimension purely with the methods of Riemann geometry. This will lead into the next major phase of development of ECE theory. We are rewriting gravitational physics entirely, and simplifying and strengthening it by carefully and systematically concentrating on geometrical fundamentals.

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