Fwd: Five Definitive Proofs on the www.aias.us home page



Subject: Five Definitive Proofs on the http://www.aias.us home page
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 04:49:40 EDT

These have been kindly typeset by Alex Hill, and translated into Sapnish. Horst Eckardt has prepared a powerpoint presentation of proof one, with flowcharts. These charts (which will be posted with proof one) help the reader to understand proof one. Chart three emphasizes the one to one correspondence between the commutator of covariant derivatives and the connection. Both must be antisymmetric by definition. The standard symmetric connection is erroneous and meaningless. Proofs one and five end the Einsteinian era of gravitational physics. So physics has split into dogmatists who still teach the obsolete theory to unsuspecting students and general public, and ECE scientists, who recognize the central importance of torsion. Any theory of relativity has to be geometrically correct. These proofs are clear and are essentially self checking. They cannot be reasonably challenged because they are simple and based on standard geometry. In the same way one cannot challenge the Pythagoras Theorem in 3-D Efcleethean (Euclidean) space. The criticism by Stephen Crothers, delivered last week at a conference in Germany, also ends the Einsteinian era, and his historic paper has been posted on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . Astronomy has already been explained with ECE cosmology, which does not use the Einstein field equation at all. The results are superior to the standard model, for example ECE can expalin all planar orbits with one simple axiom, the conservation of spacetime angular momentum (papers 93 to 127), and that includes galactic orbits. ECE makes no use of “dark matter”, a fudge factor of the old standard model. It is generally accepted among ECE scientists that there is no big bang, there are no black holes, there is no dark matter, and there are no strings in nature. Simplicity in physics is a virtue (Ockham’s Razor of philosophy) and ECE is simpler and far more powerful than any theory that still makes use of these obsolete paraphenalia, or idols of the standard Baconian cave. I see no point in teaching obsolete dogma, but human society being what it is, vested interest produces intellectual inertia. So I guess that the old dogma will be taught alongside the new physics.


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