Fwd: Publication Plans for Kerry’s Book



Subject: Fwd: Publication Plans for Kerry’s Book
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 08:43:46 EDT


When will _The Life of Myron Evans_ be printed in hardcopy?

Thanks, Dave Feustel

We hope that it will come out later this year, Kerry plans to make a filmscript out of it for Ken Russell, with all the locations and so on. Lord Clarke’s “Civilization” (BBC book and TV / video series available in most libraries) is a superb example of how locations are used on film, from Skellig Fhichil off the coast of Ireland (Anchorite Celtic settlement with stone beehive cells) to the High Renaissance in Florence and Rome, and beyond to van Gogh in Arles and Jackson Pollock on Long Island. You can see some of Ken Russell’s work on youtube, I liek hsi scenes of Sir Edward Elgar in the Malvern Hills (Y Moel Faran in Celtic).


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