Fwd: 1-15March09: ECE Feedback from USA



Subject: 1-15March09: ECE Feedback from USA
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 04:42:30 EDT

As usual this is a small selection of high quality feedback from the higher educational, government, military and major corporate sectors. Each entry may indicate many individual study-visits, * denotes different visits form the same site.

Arizona, Bard, Brigham Young, CSU Pomona, Georgia Tech., Harding, Haverford, Iowa State, Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne, Lafayettte, Louisiana State, Maine, MIT*, Northwestern, Princeton*, Stanford, St. Lawrence, Texas A and M, Texas A and M Kingsville, U California system, UCLA, U Georgia, U Kentucky, U Massachusets*, U Minesota, US Naval Academy, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Western Kentucky, Xavier University Ohio, US Govt. Bureau of Land Management, US Govt. Dept, of health and Social Security, US Govt. Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Govt. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, St Lucie County California, AERO Organization, Archiv Organization, Ayell organization, CRANS Organization, Howards School, Pathcenter Organization, PEAK Organization*, UTC Organization, Adobe Incorporated, Boeing, Botevgard, Helwett Packard, Motorola, Varian, US Airforce Edwards, US Airforce Robins, US Military DISA, US Naval Research Laboratory Washington.


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