Fwd: Conservation of Energy



Subject: Re: Conservation of Energy
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 03:35:40 EDT

The conservation of energy principle is developed in several ECE papers, notably 121. In ECE theory, torsion is generated from geometry, so is a property of geometry, not physics. Mass is a property of physics which must be related by hypothesis to geometry. In general relativity the vacuum means the absence of canonical energy momentum, the absence of canonical angular energy / angular momentum and the absence of charge current density. In the standard model torsion was incorrectly omitted, so the geometry of the standard model is incorrect even before any hypothesis is made relating geometry to physics. Therefore the Einstein hypothesis is incorrect geometrically. The fundamental hypothesis of ECE is that the potential density of electromagnetism is within a factor A(0) the Cartan tetrad. The voltage cA(0) is the background voltage. Therefore the vacuum in ECE is filled with cA(0), which is observed in the radiative corrections (e.g. paper 85 now published in GCUFT5).


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