Fwd: 128(5): Basic Condition for Existence of SCR



Subject: 128(5): Basic Condition for Existence of SCR
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:37:43 EDT

This note proves that for spin connection resonance to exist in electromagnetism and in the Coulomb law of density functional code and all of chemistry, two different types of basis set are necessary to describe the same spacetime, for example complex circular (O(3) symmetry) and Cartesian (O(3) symmetry). Therefore SCR can be traced to this property of spacetime. In a similar way, the existence of the Dirac equation can be traced to the use of a SU(2) representation space (Pauli matrices) giving rise to the Dirac spinor, which was shown in the early stages of ECE theory to be a tetrad. Cartan inferred spinors in 1913 and tetrads in the early twenties. The use of a and mu for electromagnetism is entirely original to ECE theory, and is a development of Cartan’s thought of the early twenties in which he used a to represent a tangent Minkowki spacetime and mu to represent the base manifold of Riemann geometry with torsion.

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