Fwd: Similarity between SCR and the Dirac Equation



Subject: Similarity between SCR and the Dirac Equation
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:54:43 EDT

There is a striking similarity between the existence of SCR in nature (for example chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology) and the Dirac equation. If quarks exist in nature in nuclear physics, then they are described by SU(n) representation spaces. SCR may only exist in the engineering model if the a index represents an O(3) rep space (circular complex rep space) that is different from the O(3) rep space of the mu index (Cartesian rep space). The fundamental quantities of elctromagnetism are densities, the potential density A sup a sub mu and the field density F sup a sub mu nu. The a index indicates the existence of density in general relativity. The electromagnetic field is a frame that is spinning and travelling forwards. This description requires the spin connection of Cartan. The latter is missing entirely from the Maxwell Heaviside theory because MH is written in a flat Minkowski spacetime, and does not use field densities, it uses only fields of special relativity without an upper a index. Torsion is missing completely from the Einstein Hilbert (EH) field equation, which is geometrically self inconsistent for this reason. The gravitational and electromagnetic fields are both torsions of spacetime. These are the major conceptual advances of ECE theory.


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