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Subject: Relativity +
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 13:40:35 EDT

Nice to make you acquaintance! If you send me a sample of your work I will be glad to look at it. I am appointed directly by the Queen and am lucky enough to have the help of a great team of collegaues. The standard model dogma has collapsed, they protect it for vested interest in jobs and funding. They often fight dirty as we say here in the valleys.

Civil List Scientist

To John Duffield (Author):

I recommend Abramis Academic for the book “Relativity +”, subject to its approval of course. Also I recommend Jeremy Dunning-Davies’s book available from Amazon for a background into the gross corruption in the standard model scene. The ECE theory is a relatively simple attempt which seems to work well so far. I have found that the standard scene attacks the messenger, the message not being to its taste. The fringe has been exposed as criminal and a police investigation into them is underway. I am a rigorous relativist myself, objectivity is based on geometry. The Einsteinian era has ended, that has been quietly accepted among honest scholars. All kinds of dirt has been thrown at ECE and myself personally, but the only effect has been to increase a sense of deep disgust at dogmatists who as behave in such a surly way. All kinds of attempts have been made to censor ECE theory but all have failed miserably as they were bound to do. I do not promise to accept your ideas, but I will certainly try to assess them to the best of my ability.

Myron Evans


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