Fwd: [AIAS] Fwd: Celtic Languages



Subject: Fwd: [AIAS] Fwd: Celtic Languages
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 13:17:53 EDT

Yes there was a lot of humour in the coal mines, I never met people quite as brave and generous as the coal miners, and this is probably true of all countries.

needed humour to counter the dark perspective of having to wait to go to heaven to live integrity and a decent human condition.

2009/3/22, EMyrone] at [aol.com : > This was in humour, it is a type of well known ironic humour here in > Wales, > maybe across Britain. The life of people was so hard here in the nineteenth > and early twentieth centuries that the ministers, vicars, priests and so on > promised this to them. Coal mining accidents in the heyday of the South > Wales > coalfield occurred every eight minutes on average. My entire working family > was killed by coal dust. >


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