Fwd: Catastrophic Domino Effect in Standard Physics



Subject: Catastrophic Domino Effect in Standard Physics
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 11:46:48 EDT

The neglect of torsion is catastrophic for the standard physics because there is a domino effect, a cascade of sequential errors which renders the whole subject meaningless. The first domino to fall is the symmetric connection (paper 122 and proof one on the _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) homepage). This means in turn that the standard relation between the metric and connection is incorrect. This means that the curvature tensor is incorrectly calculated, and this means that all solutions of the Einstein field equation are incorrect. This means that there is no dark matter, and also renders string theory useless. To Bacon’s science it was useless anyway, strings have not predicted anything new in fifty years. The subject of standard quantum gravity collapses, the subject of gravitational radiation is meaningless. A tremendous amount of dirt has been thrown at us for pointing out these relatively straightforward facts. It has been known to careful scholars since 1918 that the Einstein field equation is incorrect. However the standard people’s funding depends on these concepts, so they just go on as if nothing had happened. These are people like Stephen Hawking and Martin Rees. I have tried to tell them of this, I get e mails from Hawking’s assistant, and I think one from Martin Rees telling me not to send him e mails. This is typical of the remoteness of these people, they are pseudo-scientists who use the wrong geometry. All they have to do is to admit it and use ECE theory. They will not lose face or lose any prestige and will greatly strengthen the subject of they adopt the new advances.

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