Fwd: PS: notes 128



Subject: Fwd: PS: notes 128
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 04:08:19 EDT

I think that this problem is also related to a lack of torsion in Einstein’s ideas. The mixed index metric is a kind of tetrad, and so leads to torsion through the first Cartan structure equation. In ECE the Einstein field equation is not used at all any longer, as you know, and is replaced by a new hypothesis making the angular energy momentum density directly proportional to the torsion through c / k. The Einstein constant k is retained as a matter of convention more than anything ales, and the quantity c is a constant, in general the speed of light v varies because ECE has finite photon mass as you know (Einstein / de Broglie / Vigier School).

I should have written: the mixed co-contra-variant g tensor corresponds to an energy-momentum density. An inhomogeneous Einsteinian space has a homogeneous energy-momentum density in most cases, probably because there are no direct sources in the standard metrics, a problem which Steve Crothers has investigated in detail.



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