Fwd: Relativity+



Subject: Re: Relativity+
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 04:12:52 EDT

Yes I think that Horst’s paper on special relativity is very important. It has been published and is also on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . It shows that here again, several of Einstein’s ideas are questionable. In papers 93, 95 and 120 we have shown beyond doubt that the Einstein field equation fo 1915 is erroneous because of neglect of torsion. Horst Eckardt has checked nearly all the thousand or so background notes to the 127 ECE source papers so far on _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . Einstein;s ideas were of coruse very important, and ECE aims to strengthen those ideas using the right geometry.


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