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Eloquent summary! As Rector I have convened the Senate of the ME University, and it looks as if the Senate membership has been ratified, I have received n o objections. Therefore I will now move that a Department of Celtic Studies be founded within the ME University. The Senate is comprised of the Rector, Vice Rector and Heads of Department (_www.meuniversity.com_ (http://www.meuniversity.com) ). After that a Registrar and University Secretary must be appointed to keep the formal minutes of the Senate. I for one would be delighted if you would join the Celtic Studies faculty once the department is in existence. I am one of the last people able to speak the authentic Silurian dialect, and I am keenly aware that once a language is gone, it is gone forever. Therefore a great effort must be made to protect the Celtic languages and other endangered languages.

Hello Myron,

This is wonderful.

I will soon have finished my book on geometry, which makes an analysis of stone henge which you may find very interesting. When I was in Orkney in 2001, I had the opportunity to explore many of the ancient sites there, and was quite overwhelmed by the geometrics that reveals obviously highly sophisticated scientific communities. We have much to learn about the past. With step forward, in advanced research, the past is being illuminated more clearly, and can only lead towards the vast potential for unity in disciplines and in humanity itself. It shows the ancient peoples to be willing to create completely transparent systems of observational architectures, in a manner that would endure the ravages of climate and time, and the violence of warfare. This orientation towards scientific transparency, and the extraordinary effort that is obvious in constructing such structures not only of engineering excellence, but of material permanence says much about the generous intentionality of these early peoples, and much about the ability in very ancient humans for contemplation, inspired thought, and utilisation of this for effective technologies all of which sets the human radically apart from the animal kingdom, and animal drives for self serving benefit.

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Fully agreed with Diego!


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