Fwd: Flow Chart for Replacement of the Einstein Field Equation



Subject: Flow Chart for Replacement of the Einstein Field Equation
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 06:59:07 EDT

Attachment: aflowchartfornewgravitationalequation.pdf

It may be a good idea to typeset this flow chart, which is the second ECE hypothesis that the spacetime torsion (or twice the connection) is proportional to angular energy momentum density. Integration over volume when the upper index is zero then gives an equation with a closely similar structure to the Einstein field equation but with the right, antisymmetric, connection symmetry

gamma sub mu nu = (k / (2c) J sub mu nu

so the integrated, or two index, connection is the angular momentum of spacetime within k / (2c). As shown in papers 122 – 127, conservation of spacetime angular momentum gives all planar orbits, including galactic orbits, without use of dark matter. This is a simple explanation of all known planar orbits, including binary pulsar orbits without the use of incorrect gravitational radiation, dark matter or Einstein field equation. Usually in the history of science, simple explanations are gradually accepted.


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