Fwd: Note to the General Public



Subject: Note to the General Public
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 05:15:53 EDT

It ought to be possible for a person with no training in mathematics and physics to understand flowchart three of proof one on the homepage of _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) . This proof and other recent developments show beyond doubt that the twentieth century view of gravitational physics was incorrect from the outset. So there was no big bang, there are no black holes, no dark matter, no strings in nature, almost certainly no hyper-expensive Higgs boson (CERN and all that) and so forth. It is obvious by now that these ideas are being kept alive for unscientific reasons, to save face, to ensure funding and to bolster up false reputations. This is typical of human nature down the ages. Ideas always change in physics, and inevitably, ideas become obsolete. The classic mistake is to hang on to outmoded ideas. Examples are epicycles (used in the middle ages to describe orbits by piling circles on circles and phlogiston in chemistry. For about eighty years after my Civil List predecessor Dalton had suggested atomic theory, the idea was rejected by the standard physics of that era. The icon of twentieth century gravitational physics was the Einstein field equation. That is no known to be incorrect in many ways, in fact it was pointed out as early as 1918 by Schroedinger that something was wrong. We no know exactly what went wrong, a fundamental property called torsion of spacetime was neglected, and entirely the wrong symmetry was used for a property called “the connection”, a property that controls fundamental geometry. So all those films you see on TV are without scientific meaning. There has been no scientific response to these criticisms, no response that stands up to scholarly scrutiny. The high priests such as Stephen Hawking and Martin Rees in Britain have remained silent and aloof, aristocratic marble icons. There have been plaintive wiki websites howling in the darkness that ECE has not been accepted. Those websites are controlled by you know who, they distort the truth so much that it is unrecognizable. One such wiki website on yours truly became the most controversial in the world, it contained such blatant lies. In the end it was removed. So I would not believe everything one reads in wiki, in fact wiki is usually banned from undergraduate study in any reputable university. The truth is that it is the most powerful theory of physics at present, being intensely studied worldwide. We see this from five years of daily monitoring of feedback stites for the hugely successful _www.aias.us_ (http://www.aias.us) and _www.atomicprecision.com_ (http://www.atomicprecision.com) sites. Journals such as “Nature” have been reduced to a worthless condition when it comes to physics because the print the old dogma.

British Civil List Scientist


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