Fwd: Pathetic Condition of the Standard Physics



Subject: Pathetic Condition of the Standard Physics
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 04:11:11 EDT

Dear Batya Greenman and Yivsam Azgad,

In these two articles



it is reported:

“*Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and San Diego State University managed to observe a super-sized supernova explosion from start to finish, including the black hole ending*.”

I have been in contact with the scientists involved and they have confirmed, in writing, that they *did not* observe a black hole, ending or otherwise, in association with the supernova. Your reports misrepresent the facts. Will you will publish retractions?

Yours faithfully, Stephen J. Crothers.

Thanks to Prof. Stephen Crothers, professor of theoretical physics in the ME University. Standard physics is in a pathetic condition, this is opium eating straight out of the Ancient Mariner. In paper 120 the black hole metrics were shown to be incorrect by relatively straightforward use of Cartan’s geometry and computer algebra to do the hard work of calculation. Even more pathetic is the wolf like howling of obsolete wiki sites that hope that ECE has not been accepted. If so O level logic is no longer used in mathematics.


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