Fwd: Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics



Subject: Fwd: Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 13:17:41 EDT

Already, the commutator relations are directly related to torsion, Lie groups as manifolds have a canonical connection whose torsion is given by the coefficients of the resultant commutator in the Lie algebras. Why has this been neglected?

2009/3/26, EMyrone] at [aol.com : > For an excellent development see “Molecular Quantum Mechanics” by P. W. > Atkins, many editions softback, Oxford University Press. The commutator > relations > of angular momentum form the basis for nearly all of quantum theory. > Although ECE rejects indeterminacy on experimental grounds, the commutator > relations > are infinitesimal rotation generator relations. So I have started to > develop > infinitesimal torsion generator theory. The second hypothesis of ECE > therefore shows that the antisymmetric connection a rotation generator in > general > relativity. The connection is therefore the object that makes spacetime > ITSELF > spin. Strictly speaking it is the torsion that is the true tensor, so > spacetime torsion means rotation, an intuitively natural conclusion. Also, > the > problem solving book by Atkins is of great value, he has a deep knowledge > of the > subject and should be a Fellow of the Royal Society, quite obviously. His > books are best sellers internationally. Angular momentum theory is also > developed > in well known texts such as those of Fano and Racah and Silver. All of this > theory can now be adapted for general relativity by merging it with Cartan > geometry via the second ECE hypothesis, e.g. Wigner 3-j and 6-j symbols, > Racah > algebra, irreducible tensorial sets, creation and annihilation operator > theory, and so on. It all becomes general relativity as required by the > philosophy > of relativity – all of natural philosophy must be objective, unified and > self consistent: above all natural philosophy must be as simple as > possible. > > > > > > >

This is the key point – so the torsion is going to be proportional to angular energy momentum density (both are three index tensors) and this is what I call the second ECE hypothesis.


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