Fwd: AW: Relativity+



Subject: Re: AW: Relativity+
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 09:54:23 EDT

Just received it and will read it with interest! Many thanks! I think that the standard model is floating like a sieve with a piece of uranium in it. There is in fact a large amount of interest in non-standard physics, and those that tend to sneer are the emptiest vessels. It is like sneering at a triangle (Pythagoras theorem). In other words they do not understand geometry and do n ot know what they are doing. My advice is simply to ignore the standard journals, make sure yoru work is correct technically, and build a webiste. The _www.aias.su_ (http://www.aias.su) websites has been built up over six years, and has attracted close on seven or eight million hits form highest quality visitors. It is well known that the standard fringe has indulged in criminal activity (harassment and fraud), so they have had it historically.


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