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Subject: Example of Traditional Metrical Poetry
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 05:51:01 EDT

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This is an example of traditional metrical poetry, which is a high art. I attach an analysis which show an English language poet such as Dylan Thomas used elements of the ancient art, either knowingly or subconsciously. There is a great deal of good will towards the language and often one hears people saying that they wished they could speak the language. This is indicative of an abysmal failure of the educational system, notably the so called “University of Wales”, 95% of whose staff have no interest in the language. There is a deep schism between the University and the People of Wales, each has no interest in the other. Sweeping reforms are needed to oblige all members of staff of all higher educational institutions in Wales to learn Welsh effectively and genuinely. There are over a hundred English medium universities in Britain, and plenty of choice for those who refuse to learn Welsh. It would be difficult to imagine an Oxford don who refused to learn English. In my sonnet “The Yew Tree” attached I try to convey my profound concern about the cultural nihilism that is so apparent al over modern Europe. Also I give scans of strict metre Welsh language verse – but the original is a high art, the most developed literary form in Europe on the technical level. My own ancestry includes Welsh, English, Norse and one ancient Norman family (Havard or Havre de Grace).

Myron Evans

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