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Subject: Fwd: Maple12
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 13:06:48 EDT


I just got a copy of the single user academic version of Maple version 12 from Maplesoft.com, primarily to get a symbolic math program capable of manipulating tensors and differential geometry constructs with hard copy documentation that I can read away from the computer. (I am now having a lot of trouble reading my computer screen and using my keyboard due to problems with my vision, Fortunately, my ability to read your ECE books has so far not been impaired. 🙂 )

Maple 12 includes comprehensive support for tensor calculations as well as new lessons and tutorials in the help system on using Maple to do calculations in differential geometry and with Lie algebras.

Maple comes with 3 CDROMs, one each for installing on Windows, Linux and Sun. Installation is quick and easy. Activation and registration of the software requires internet access, but is again easy.

Documentation consists of 4 manuals: A getting started manual, a user Manual, a manual for introductory programming, and a manual for advanced programming. There is a lot more documentation available in the Maple help system. There are also included handy Maple quick reference guides.

I expect that it is possible to produce typeset papers on ECE literally from scratch and in one pass using the graphics version of Maple (xmaple) which provides complete support for a very large set of alphabets and mathematical symbols. There also is a console version (maple) for command line computations on a text console.

I currently cannot print anything in Maple because of what appears to be a mismatch between Maple and the version of CUPS on my Linux system (Suse 11.0), but I don’t think this is an issue for the Windows version of Maple. I am working on fixing this problem on my system.

Having installed and briefly tried out the Maple 12 software, I recommend it highly. I fully expect that using this software will greatly accelerate my acquisition of understanding of differential geometry, tensors, and ECE through hands-on experience.

Dave Feustel

Many thanks! I hope your vision is as well as can be and this is a great help to the group. They could probably extend the scope of computer algebra and code up to work out differential geometry by computer, especially if the latter could be used as a translating machine form differential form to tensor to vector.


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