Fwd: PS : “Ancient British” scientifically defined



Subject: PS : “Ancient British” scientifically defined
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 11:02:02 EDT

This is the Atlantic Modal haplogroup from DNA studies. My Knoyle and Potter branches are probably ancient British too (going back maybe twelve thousand years to the point where the land which is now the British Isles was covered by a thick sheet of ice). The Capelli et alii 2002 study on DNA in the British Isles found little trace of continental influence, much less then they expected. So I hesitate to write that Knoyle and Potter were Anglo Saxon. The DNA does not show any Saxon influence in the regions that they come form, and in these regions the Angles never settled. Indeed Wiltshire is archetypically Celtic, with great ring forts and the Celtic white horse, Thomas Hardy country. The Norse DNA is distinct and should of course show up in the Norman DNA. The Dukes of Normandy were Norse Iarls of the Cyclades, off Trondheim in Norway (i,e, Norse or Northmen or Norman). They also became Earls of Orkney and Caithness, where there are many Newlands. The Shetland Island DNA is of course Norse DNA. I should get my DNA taken some time.


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