Fwd: Use of Computer Algebra Packages



Subject: Use of Computer Algebra Packages
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 2009 04:38:55 EDT

We plan to make more use of packages such as Maxima, Mathematica, Maple 12, MOTECC, ESSL and NAG to work out the details of all important ECE calculations, notably proofs one to five. This is the easiest way to use ECE, especially its engineering model. One important advance of recent papers is that it has become clear that spin connection resonance depends on the use of two different representation spaces. This result bears a striking resemblance to the spinor concept that led Dirac to his famous equation. Both the spinor and tetrad were inferred by the great mathematician Elie Cartan. It should also be possible to use these packages to translate between the notation of differential forms, tensors and vectors.


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