Fwd: PS : Cartan / Dirac Geometry



Subject: PS : Cartan / Dirac Geometry
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 08:35:51 EDT

PS it follows that the ECE Lemma may be written as a Dirac equation. Therefore the existence of spacetime geometry itself implies the existence of fermions, anti particles and Fermi Dirac statistics. Thsi argument can be extended to Gell-Mann matrices. for example Recami and I have developed electrodynamics as an S(3) theory with Gell-Mann matrices in “The Enigmatic Photon” series. Note carefully that the d’Alembertian use din the ECE Lemma is the flat space d’Alembertian So the development of the Dirac equation for any spacetime becomes straightforward, it is the factorization of the ECE Lemma for any spacetime. Having derived the Dirac equation, it is straightforward to derive ESR, NMR and MRI from Cartan geometry, and also all the features of chemistry in which spin half plays a role (the whole of chemistry, essentially). The Proca equation for photon with mass has similarly been derived form CArtan geometry, and so the Proca equation (teh photon mass equation) can be written as a Dirac equation. Gauge theory has been replaced by the invariance of the terad postulate under the general coordinate transformation. These are by now all acknowledged major advances based straightforwardly on well known geometry, so as the British Civil List scientist responsible for safeguarding the integrity of Bacon’s science, I am reluctant to get bogged down in a twenty year controversy about “cold fusion” or any other endless argument about experimental technique, or any pseudo science or pseudo mathematics. It is up to the experimentalists to get their act together before the theoretician can begin to consider their claims.

“It is a capital error, Watson, to theorize in the lack of data.” (with apologies to Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle).


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