Fwd: 15-30March09: Europe to www.aias.us



Subject: 15-30March09: Europe to http://www.aias.us
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 05:53:34 EDT

As usual there was intense interest in ECE theory across Europe and Asia Minor, in March 2009 so far there have been 141 university visits from the US and Britain, with a commensurate number around the world. Therefore ECE theory has obviously been accepted internationally, has has been since inception. This means that the various attacks on the theory form two or three individuals have been sen through as scientific fraud. Any material produced by these individuals should be read with great caution. It is generally known who they are.

SIL Austria, ZKB Switzerland, Charles Univ. Prague, Palacky Univ. Czechia, German Synchrotron Facility, Jacobs Univ*, Max Planck Mathematics Leipzig, QSC germany, RWTH Aachen, Siemens COmpany*, TU Darmstadt (Mechanical Engineering), Freiburg, Jena*, Konstanz, Marburg, Potsdam, Wuerzburg*, KU Denmark, UPV Spain, Helsinki Finland, HUT Finalnd, TUT Finland, CEA France, ILL France, INSA Lyon, OBSPM France, Polytechnique System, Marseilles 3, Poitiers*, Savoie, GRENA Georgia, Forthnet Greece, OTE Net Greece, Sopron Hungary, HUJI Israel, Technion, Cassa Edile di Roma Italy, SISSA Italy, ICTP Trieste, Turin, UVA Netherlands, UIO Norway, TKE Poland, UMK Poland, Wroclaw Poland, ASTRAL Romania, NIPNE Romania, ETK Russia, TLT Russia, TRFU Sweden, UU Sweden, RZS-HM Slovenia, Ankara Turkey, Bilkent, Gyte, Hacettepe, KU Turkey, Govt. of the Ukraine, Kiev, Aberystwyth, Birmingham, Bristol, Birkenhead, PWF Cambridge, field / particle Cambridge, Edinburgh, Essex, Imperial, King’s College London, Lancaster, Liverpool, Luton, Meirion Dwyfor, NERC Swindon, Queen Mary London, Roehampton, St Andrews, Swansea*, University College London, Univ of East Anglia, York*, York City Council, National Health Service, Belgrade Yugosalvia.


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