Fwd: PS: The Pauli spinors



Subject: PS: The Pauli spinors
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 10:25:32 EDT

The blog garbled my e mail message for some reason. The Pauli spinors are placed one on top of the other, on the LHS appears phiR over phiL, on the right hand side appears phiL over phiR. The notation used in the standard physics for the Dirac spinor psi needs a lot of careful explanation, so in notes for paper 129 I will as usual give full detail, this detail is hardly ever found in textbooks. Note carefully that the Pauli spinor is a column vector with two entries, the four Pauli matrices are 2 x 2 matrices. The Dirac spinor is made up of two Pauli spinors one on top of the other, so the Dirac spinor is a column vector with four entries.


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