Fwd: The Weyl Equation



Subject: The Weyl Equation
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 13:22:09 EDT

This is the quantization of the famous E = m c squared. In this case the electron has no momentum, and notes 129(1) and 129(2) deal with the Weyl equation. It is shown that the Dirac spinor in this case is a combination of Pauli matrices after the column four vector of the Dirac spinor is re-arranged into a 2 x 2 matrix. The Pauli matrices are tetrads in the Minkowski spacetime. In this case there is no helicity, so the electron is indistinguishable from the positron. Electric charge does not enter into the analysis. I think there is no anti universe because there is no Dirac sea. Obviously when the electron and positron are static, the universe and “anti universe” become the same thing, except for a sign difference in electric charge. Again, when the electrons of right handed helicity and left handed helicity are at rest, there is no way of distinguishing between them in the Weyl equation because the helicity disappears when the momentum is zero. Only when they have momentum are they distinguishable as in the Stern Gerlach experiment. IN ESR, NMR and MRI the third Pauli matrix is used in the analysis of resonance.


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