Fwd: The Life of Myron Evans



Subject: Fwd: The Life of Myron Evans
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 03:13:32 EDT

Thanks in turn to Prof. Diego Rapoport, a leading mathematical physicist and expert in the theory of torsion.

A very nice work to represent the life and work of a man who has fought and continues to fight for truth. We thank Kerry for this.


2009/4/2, EMyrone] at [aol.com : > Many thanks Kerry! This family history goes back about nine hundred years > in > two lines – the direct paternal line to Elfael in the eleventh century and > the Havard line to the eleventh century in Aberhonddu (Brecon). The Hopkin > or > Hopkins line goes back to Tudor times in this area, two famous ones are Sir > Anthony Hopkins and Mary Hopkin. I am most grateful that you have > incorporated > the research by Mr Dewi Lewis and myself in the biography. This is like the > TV programme “Who Do you Think You Are?” where people often find long lost > ancestors. There don’t seem to be any pirates in the skull and bones > cupboard, > all good people. > > > > >


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