Fwd: 129(4) : Development of the Weyl Equation in Full Detail



Subject: 129(4) : Development of the Weyl Equation in Full Detail
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 05:38:37 EDT

This is the development of the Weyl equation of a rest particle in full detail. Eq. (10) is the de Broglie equation:

h bar omega = m c squared

The Pauli spinors of a rest particle are the same, because it has no momentum and no helicity (loosely described as “spin”). There is no negative energy problem because in physics:

E0 = m c squared

The electric charge is nowhere used in the analysis. So the Weyl equation gives no indication of the existence of an anti-particle. The existence of half integral spin is not indicated because only the zero’th order Pauli matrix is used. The next step will be to show that the Weyl equation is an analysis in tetrads.

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