Fwd: 129(5): Tetrad Representation of the Spinor of a Rest Particle



Subject: 129(5): Tetrad Representation of the Spinor of a Rest Particle
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 07:34:00 EDT

Attachment: a129thpapernotes5.pdf

The required representation is eq. (11), the tetrad within a phase is the sum of the zero’th and first Pauli matrices. Other tetrad / spinor relations are also given with some new mathematical results. The Weyl equation is shown therefore to be a special case of the ECE wave equation and ECE lemma, and so the Weyl equation is geometrical in origin. This rest particle analysis must now be extended to the moving particle analysis by generating the moving spinor from the rest spinor using a Lorentz boost (see Ryder chapter 2). There is no indeterminacy in geometry, so the Copenhagen interpretation of the Weyl spinor conflicts with geometry and causality and is rejected. It is also rejected on experimental grounds (e.g. data of Sir John Thomas’s group and Prof. Croca’s group which are often cited in this website).


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