Fwd: Discussions about B(3) with the late John Wheeler



Subject: Discussions about B(3) with the late John Wheeler
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 07:50:10 EDT

Prof. John Wheeler of Princeton was Einstein’s assistant, and discussed the B(3) field with me in the mid nineties. He had no problem in accepting the concept, neither did Vigier, Kielich and Mansel Davies, and many others. During the course of these discussions with Wheeler he asked the question “How come the quantum?”. I attach my answer at the time. Now I would just say “From geometry.”, having unified general relativity and quantum mechanics to the satisfaction of leading intellectuals around the world. Wheeler also gave me the Sanskrit saying “Satyat nast paro dharma”. Maybe one of my Indian friends might like to translate this. I think it is something like “There is no power more than truth”. This page also contains my mugshot and fingerprint as a resident alien. I took US citizenship at Cornell University in 2000.

Attachment: adiscussionwithjohnwheeler.pdf


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