Fwd: Simple example computation of curvature and torsion



Subject: Fwd: Simple example computation of curvature and torsion
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 03:26:41 EDT

Another important example is to use Mathematica, Maple, ESSL, NAG, MOTECC, and so on to reproduce our Maxima computations of paper 93 for example. That is pure tensor algebra, linear algebra that can be coded. In view of these computations, I regard any argument for black hole and big bang theory as pure nonsense, just dogma.


I’m now looking for a simple example of a compution of curvature and torsion in 4-d that I can program using the differential geometry and tensor packages in Maple for practice. Is there an example with an answer I can check in one of your papers that you can recommend?

Thanks, Dave


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