Fwd: “Universe of Myron Evans” youtube clip



Subject: “Universe of Myron Evans” youtube clip
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 10:02:58 EDT

The youtube clip has now been viewed 999 times in a few months, the clip is the first few minutes of the 52 minute film. It is designed to be understandable to the interested general public, so the signs are that it will do very well when distributed. It will open at the London International Film Festival this year. There are some youtube clips by Ken Russell, for example his studies for biographical films on Sir Edward Elgar, this has been viewed 3360 times but has been available for several years and is of course a general public film. There is an interesting youtube clip of R. S. Thomas reading “I was a Vicar of Large Things”, about 583 views in several years. For poetry that is good going these days. The big blockbusters like “Lawrence of Arabia” of course attract tens of thousands of viewing – the trailer to the film has attracted over 91,000 views – but that is for several years and the complete film is available. I don’t even look at standard physics films, knowing full well that big bang is a non-starter. I never look at any of them on TV if they are on cosmology, but “The Sky at Night” is still good on astronomy. Kerry’s work has been featured on that. It is like looking at a soap advert or the one hundred thousandth episode of Carnation Street, which is the same as the first episode and completely boring.


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