Fwd: FOR POSTING: Simple Flow Chart for Proof Five



Subject: FOR POSTING: Simple Flow Chart for Proof Five
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 04:15:20 EDT

Attachment: adefinitiveprooffiveflowchart.pdf

This is a simple flow chart for proof five, which uses only words and shorthand symbols. The Cartan Evans dual identity is also a Cartan Bianchi identity and vice – versa. This is because T can be written as T tilde and vice versa and R as R tilde and vice versa. Both T and R are differential two-forms, and any two-form in four dimensions is itself the Hodge dual of another two-form. T and R transform under the Hodge dual transformation in the same way within the identity. So this is another example of the reduction to simplicity method, (philosophy of William of Ockham), and perhaps the webteam might like to typeset this one as a power point presentation.


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